December 01, 2011
With gratitude to Hashem
we invite you to join us in celebrating the
marriage of
Son of
Hilton & Jenni Zetzer
Daughter of
the late David Frampton
Heather & Mark Norton
Our Wedding will take place on
Thursday, 1 December 2011 - 5 Kislev 5772
  at the H.O.D Function Hall, 58 Oaklands Road, Orchards.
Kabbalat Panim will take place at 16.45
followed by the Chuppah at 17.00
Please join us thereafter for Dinner and Dancing.

We look forward to sharing our Simcha with you.
Honoured Grandmothers
Bella Adelman
Cecily Zetzer
Pamela Frampton
Dress Code   -    Smart/Elegant